Gallery - 2010
If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces in Gallery, please contact us.

Si une des pièces dans Gallery vous intéresse, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

52cm(h) X 15cm X 15cm 55cm(h) X 20cm X 20cm 31cm(h) X 15cm X 18cm  sold/vendue 35cm(h) X 18cm X 10cm sold/vendue at Potfest in the Park, Cumbria, UK 1 - 22cm(h) X 13cm 2 - 20cm(h) X 13cm 20cm(h) X 14cm X 17cm 29cm(h) X 17cm sold/vendu 12cm(h) X 15cm X 13cm  sold/vendu 26cm(h) X 17cm 90€ sold/vendu 27cm(h) X 40cm X 23cm 17cm(h) X 14cm vendue/sold 20cm(h) X 8cm 19cm(h) X 18cm X 15cm vendue/sold 20cm(h) X 11cm sold/vendu 23cms (h) X 12cms X 10cms sold/vendu  - la plus petite - 11cm(h) X 10cm X 8cm, la plus grande 25cm(h) X 12cm sold/vendu 20cm(h) X 18cm X 15cm sold/vendue 31cm(h) X 19cm sold/vendu 26cm(h) X 12cm 27cm(h) X 11cm 30cm(h) X 11cm Height: 30cms sold/vendu Height: 23cm, 13cm. Sold/Vendues. Height: 60cms. Vendu/Sold.  (Photo by Toby Smith)